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Doing as a way of thinking is an idea based on philosopher Will Daddario, where “doing of artistic and intellectual expression” merits as much attention as the physical result. With this reprioritization in mind, the Doing/Thinking Residency challenges conventional ideas about how artists are expected to exhibit work by shifting the focus from artwork-as-result to artwork-as-process.

In keeping with the spirit of this “Do/Think Tank” residency, A(mend)ed evolved through trial and error, success and failure during the six weeks in residence at Wedge Projects.  As my immersion into mourning research expanded, rituals based on personal loss gave way to an increased focus on the socio-political climate of the moment. Regardless of our difference’s grief is a common ground. By acknowledging this commonality, my work became a way to connect individuals in an intimate and regenerative space for healing.  

"Love letters to the Lost"

During the six-week residency, visitors were asked to write a love letter to someone they had lost and were mourning. The letters were written on paper embedded with wildflower seeds and planted in the soil. Over time the mourning letters transformed as new growth emerged from the plantings. Visitors could meditate in the chair and listen to a recorded meditation. The sound of the voice co-mingled with the internal sounds of the body and the busy city intersection. 

Found chair, enriched soil, paper embedded with seeds, and sound. 

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