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"Breathe" was performed at Roman Susan Gallery on February 25, 2018, in conjunction with Udita Upadhyaya’s installation "nevernotmusic". The sound was designed and engineered by Beth Bradfish.


"nevernotmusic" : February 18, 2018 – March 11, 2018

Udita Upadhyaya with Lindsey Barlag Thorton, Jerry Bleem and Nick Carbuto, Regin Ingloria, Jasmine Jordan, Tannaz Motevalli, Connie Noyes and Beth Bradfish, Ethan T. Parcell, Will Quam and Kevin Sparrow, Aron Sharp, Corey Smith SUCROSE, Falak Vasa

Rehearsal excerpts for "Breathe" performance, 00;51

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