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A fundamental function that distinguishes living from dying is the ability to breathe. This truth became painfully apparent amidst the Covid pandemic in 2020, as countless individuals succumbed to a virus that targeted their lungs, robbing them of the essence of existence. Through a combination of poetry and painting, I have created a series that serves as memorials and funeral elegies, employing the power of my breath to honor the lives tragically lost. These works testify to the fragility of life and the indomitable spirit that persists even in the face of tragedy.


when I die spread tinsel all over my body like a xxxxxstar. exit

dust connects effxxxlessly bodies collide.

at dusk and dawn my grandmother was many birds.

The dead take us with them.

Darkness takes another sip. Leaky and pale the earth tries to smile back. pause.

It took a long time to get ready to exist.


Images from the series "draw breath", velum, powdered pigment, glair and human breath on rag paper, 20 x 15 inches, ongoing series

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