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"Draw Breath"


Breath, a vital lifeline, defines the boundary between life, and death and the stark reality of this distinction was unmistakable during the 2020 COVID pandemic. In response, I used my breath to create a series of tender memorials and funeral elegies, paying homage to those lost tragically. The ability to breathe vitality into each piece served as a reminder of life's fragility and a tribute to the resilience that prevails in the aftermath of profound tragedy.


when I die spread tinsel all over my body like a xxxxxstar. exit

dust connects effxxxlessly bodies collide.

at dusk and dawn my grandmother was many birds.

The dead take us with them.

Darkness takes another sip. Leaky and pale the earth tries to smile back. pause.

It took a long time to get ready to exist.


Images from the series "draw breath", velum, powdered pigment, glair and human breath on rag paper, 20 x 15 inches, ongoing series

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