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"You're never closer to death than when you are born." --Lee, midwife at George Washington University Hospital

a final revolution around the sun, 2;01, 2016

"the sound of dust", site-specific installation at Hyde Park Art Center

found chairs, historical veils and ropes, mirror, sod, gold thread, with details, size varies, 2017

two perfect circles

steel rings, elastic thread, tension, rope, hardware, size varies, 2018

a perfect circle

steel rings, elastic thread, tension, rope, hardware, 2018

"The Leftovers", site-specific installation, found chair, elastic thread, clothing found on the street, medical tubing gold leaf, size varies, 2018

"Slight Disturbance" site-specific installation, ChaNorth Artist Residency, Pine Plains, NY, 2017

found chairs, quarts, gold string, veil medical tubing, dirt paintings with frames.

Earth Body

Performance tests for video, ChaNorth Artist Residency, Pine Plains, NY, 2017

bleached and distressed black linen mended with gold thread, nature, environmental sound, and chipmunk.



Eight feet long and built of sod, the wall was taking shape. Having reached a height of five feet, it stood heavy and immobile—like grief itself. As I began to add the sixth and final foot, a semi-truck sped past my studio building, causing an earthquake. The wall fell in the aftershock.

Staring in disbelief at a half-ton of sod covering my studio floor, turning brown and partially composted, all I could do was laugh. In that split second, I realized this unstable structure and object of obsession was simply a metaphor for the wall I had built around my heart so I wouldn’t feel the pain of loss. I don’t believe in accidents; the fall needed to happen. The wall's destruction permitted me to play with the broken pieces to create something unintended. As I reincarnated my work from the decaying debris, the obsession lifted and I began again, using new materials and methods of working - rituals of making - immersing myself in mourning research.

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