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I am a happy girl in a bad mood.

She: I am a happy girl in a bad mood.

He: But, is it real?

She: No. it is only my perception.

He: Isn’t it real if you believe it to be?

She: I am a donkey.

He: Is that real?

She: Yes. Now fuck me to the mattress, but first release my handcuffs.

He: You are not in handcuffs.

She: That is what you think.

He: YOU are NOT in handcuffs!

She: I am cuffed to the radiator. You can release me. You are capable. I need to fly.

He: You can’t fly.

She: That is what you think.

He: Reality tells me YOU CANNOT FLY. You don’t have wings and you are stuck to the earth by gravity.

She: I have flown before. I have more powers than you could possibly understand. I even stopped the executioner from pushing the plunger last night.

He: What did you do to deserve execution?

She: I used the wrong hairbrush.

He: What hairbrush did you use?

She: The bald man’s.

He: Yes. You must die for that.

She: That is what the jury decided.

He: How did you persuade the executioner to spare you?

She: I was just myself. The light in my eyes blinded him.


71 x 41 inches
mixed media on panel, resin, frame

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