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The Kiss Project, an inquiry into the power dynamics of love and relationships, takes the form of an interactive performance. Men from the international on-line dating site OK Cupid are invited to envision me as the ideal woman they would most like to date. The project was initially inspired by Thomas Edison’s film from 1890, The Kiss,  and my own on-line dating experiences. The first performances of this project took place in June 2012 with the participation of three men. 


In preparation for the performances, and based on the information the men have from my on-line profile, each participant is asked to think about how they might envision me on our ”first date”. I ask the men to watch Edison’s The Kiss and reinterpret the scene. They are instructed to bring an outfit, accessories, and consider how they want my make-up and hair to look. To make each transformation a reality, a stylist is present to provide assistance. A videographer and two photographers document all aspects of each performance. Afterwards, I interview each of the men to capture their experience as a participant on our “first date” and as a member of the on-line dating world.



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