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Influenced by expansive homes with designer rooms people never live in; I constructed luxurious interiors inside cardboard boxes as uninhabitable showrooms. Through a multidisciplinary approach, audio and video production, music, audience participation, interviews, and community involvement, unexpected elements intermingled with the visuals of the well-appointed rooms and chosen sites to create a dense tapestry of urban habitation. Under the Freeway highlights the extremes of our socially and economically classist society and collapses them into inclusive communal and collaborative spaces. 

Images are from October 9, 2015, when Marvin Tate, Lilianna Wosko, and myself created an alternative and inclusive community Under The Freeway in Chicago.

detail of, Designer Hunting Library, fabric, faux fur, chair, found objects including mounted jackalope, light and electrical wiring. 2015

Designer Bedroom, overview,  fabric, faux fur, foam, found light fixture, candleholder, clay, candles, recycled columns, rubber gloves, styrofoam, resin, wood, lights, and electrical wiring,  2015

Marvin Tate leading group in spoken word piece,  2015

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