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Grief is a vast and infinite ocean of tears created and nurtured for millennia - a cumulative storehouse that holds the collective sorrows of humanity. While the loss of my husband and father in 2016 was life-altering, it pales in comparison to the global crises that have since occurred. Millions worldwide have lost loved ones due to pandemics, wars, violence, climate catastrophes, and ideological rifts. Our mourning is a shared experience that unites us. In my grief journey, I have found solace and recovery in my studio, where my work serves as a balm for healing and contemplation on the transient nature of life. "We are built in water," my latest exhibition, is the culmination of six years of research into the depths of mourning.

Dinner for two leftovers, porcelain, ash, various sea life uprooted in storms, salt crystals, wood, linen, hardware 240 x 30 x 30 inches, 2022


dedicated to ___________. wood side table, paint, ash paintings with gold thread, found frames, size varies, 2022 


left: dinner for two leftovers with rememberings, porcelain, various sea life uprooted in storms, salt crystals, wood,60 x 7.5 x 30 inches, 2022

right: dedicated to ___________., detail, ash paintings with gold thread, frames, size varies, 2022 

"choker", various sea life uprooted in storms, salt crystals, vitrine, pedestal, 23 x 23 30 inches, 2022


"we are built in water," a performance for video was the soundtrack and heartbeat of this exhibition. Performed in a bag 94 x 60 inches, conceptualized as both womb and a body bag, the performance symbolically moves through the unknown places we've been and places we go before life and after death, bookending the transitions into and out of our conscious existence.

Performed at Cape May, NJ, in 2019, 3;00 excerpts,  accompanied by the earth, sea, and fog. To view the video in its entirety, click here.

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