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While there are as many reasons to scream as there are screamers -  anger, surprise, joy, pain, and pleasure are but a few - each screamer has a unique sound and motivation for wanting an unchecked release of emotion. As research can support, screaming is good for your health but may also stress out others if nearby. So, for the best results, pick a place that won't bother anyone or go ahead and disturb unapologetically. There are many options!  Let us hear what makes you scream. We welcome you to the collective and your one-of-a-kind approach screaming.


1) Your name and email address. 


2) Audio FILE: SOUND recording of your scream. Label file: Last name_First Initial_Scream (example: Smith_J_Scream)  

Record your scream using your phone or another digital recording device. Send unedited recording file examples of audio files: AIFF, M4A, and WAV.

3) IMAGE FILE: A picture of the place you staged and performed your scream. Save the file as hi-res. jpg. between 2-4MB Label file: Last name_ First Initial_Stage (example: Smith_J_Stage)

​4) BRIEF TEXT answering the following questions:

  • Where did you stage your scream? Provide time and place.

  • What are you screaming about the loudest?

  • OPTIONAL: Is there anything else you want to add? For example, a specific reason for choosing the place you staged your scream, something notable about the process leading up to the scream, or any change in how you felt after you screamed. 


Submit to  with SCREAM as the subject.

Each screamer will be presented as a soloist and simultaneously part of the collective voice for this project. THE COLLECTIVE SCREAM will culminate in a symphony, a digital recording of our voices woven and layered together in an exchange of harmonic and dissonant energy. 

Please follow on Instagram @thecollectivescream, join our mailing list, and/or share and tell your friends. All are welcome to participate. 

photo credit and copyright by Christopher Stout.

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