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"Silence is ________. Beep. Beep. Beep." a sculpture and sound installation first exhibited at Cultivator on September 23, 2018, is reimagined for the Terrain Biennial, 2023, as a place for quiet reflection. Visitors can enter the structure through the elastic threads and sit, stand, or walk the interior perimeter while focusing attention on the surrounding sights and sounds of urban life - traffic, people talking, and sirens, mixed with the sounds of nature- birds, the wind blowing, or rustling trees. The installation, in a somewhat protected environment, allows visitors to decompress from everyday stressors and worries.

In addition, visitors can listen to a selection of binaural beats that match the frequency range of specific brain waves. This process is known as entrainment and has been shown to be very effective in producing the desired therapeutic states associated with each type of brainwave. In Binaural versions of the track subliminal beats are embedded in the music beginning with a short higher frequency introduction which then settles into the chosen frequency range with occasional spikes to help maintain attention & focus.


Site-specific installation at Cultivator Art @ Bray Grove Farm, September 23, 2018, steel, elastic threads, medical tubing, rope, audio equipment, and the recorded voice of an Irish keener.

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